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Special care is required when fitting and removing the towing bracket.

Luggage compartment with towing bracket

Luggage compartment with towing bracket

The removable ball joint attachment for the towing bracket is carried under the floor panel on the left-hand side of the luggage compartment and is secured by a strap.

The ball joint can be fitted and removed by hand.


  • • Never use tools of any kind when fitting and removing the ball joint. This could damage the mechanism which locks the ball joint in place and impair its safety (accident risk).
  • • Secure the ball joint again with the strap when you have finished using it.


  • • Do not attempt to modify or repair the ball joint or other towing bracket components.
  • • Should you have any difficulties when using the towing bracket, or suspect that it is not fitted properly, contact a qualified workshop.
  • • Before setting off, always check that the ball joint is secured properly ⇒ page 238.
  • • Never disengage the ball joint with the caravan / trailer still hitched or with a bicycle rack or similar accessory still attached.
  • • It is advisable to remove the ball joint when you are not towing a trailer. Fold the socket back to its original position so that the mounting fixture is properly closed.
  • • The ball joint must be removed if you intend to clean the car with a steam cleaning attachment. Make sure that the mounting fixture is properly closed.
  • • For installation and removal of the ball joint we recommend that the gloves provided be used.