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1 Door handle

1 Door handle
2 Central locking switch
3 Electric adjuster for exterior mirrors
4 Seat memory
5 Light switch
6 Instrument lighting
7 Lever for turn signals and main beam headlights
8 Steering wheel with:
− Horn
− Driver's airbag
− Controls for audio, TV, telephone and speech dialogue system
9 SET button
10 Instrument cluster
11 Reset button for trip recorder
12 Control lever for:
− Windscreen wipers and washer
− On-board computer
13 Ignition lock
14 Air outlets with thumbwheel
− For deluxe automatic air conditioner
− For deluxe automatic air conditioner plus
15 Depending on equipment fitted:
− Radio
− CD changer
16 Depending on equipment fitted:
− Radio display
− MMI display
17 Hazard warning lights
18 Glove box
19 Front passenger's airbag
20 Switches for the following (as applicable):
− Audi parking system
− Electronic Stabilisation Program (ESP OFF)
− Electric sun blind
21 Air conditioner, depending on equipment fitted:
− Deluxe automatic air conditioner
− Deluxe automatic air conditioner plus
22 Ashtray with cigarette lighter
23 Gear lever
24 Depending on equipment fitted:
− MMI control console or
− Switch for Audi parking system
− Switch for Electronic Stabilisation Program (ESP)
− Switch for electric sun blind
25 Start/stop button
26 Electro-mechanical parking brake
27 Adjustable steering column (hidden behind steering wheel)
28 Cruise control system
29 Bonnet lock release
30 Switch for releasing the boot lid
31 Electric windows

• Please refer to the separate operating manual for instructions on using the Multi Media Interface (MMI).
• The arrangement of switches and controls on right-hand drive models* may be slightly different from the layout shown in However, the symbols used to identify the controls are the same.