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The windscreen wiper lever controls the windscreen wipers and the automatic wash and wipe.

Fig. 63 Windscreen wiper lever
Fig. 63 Windscreen wiper lever

The windscreen wiper lever has the following settings:

Brief wipe

– Move the lever down to position 1 to give the windscreen a brief wipe.

Intermittent wipe rain sensor) (activating rain sensor)

– Move the lever up to the stop 2.
– Move the control A to the left or right to set the sensitivity of the rain sensor.

Slow wiper speed

– Move the lever up to the stop 3.

Fast wiper speed

– Move the lever up to the stop 4.

Automatic wash and wipe

– Pull the lever to position 5.
– Release the lever again. The washer will stop and the wipers will keep running for approximately 4 seconds.
The number of wipe cycles varies according to the length of time the lever is pulled.

Switching off the wipers

– Move the lever to the "off" position 0.

General notes

The washers and wipers will only work when the ignition is switched on.

If you stop briefly, e.g. at traffic lights, the wiper speed will automatically be reduced by one level.

The windscreen washer jets are heated when the ignition is switched on if the outside temperature is low.

Dribble wipe

About 5 seconds after the wash and wipe cycle has finished, the windscreen wiper system automatically gives the screen one extra wipe to remove any dribbles of water.

If you want to deactivate the dribble wipe function while driving, pull the lever to position 5 again within 10 seconds.

The dribble wipe function will be re-activated the next time the ignition is switched off and on.

Rain sensor*

The rain sensor will only function in the intermittent wipe position.

The intermittent wipe function is activated automatically when it starts to rain.

Before you reach a road speed of 6 km/h you will have to activate the rain sensor manually by switching it off and back on again.

To reduce the sensitivity level of the rain sensor move control A to the left. To increase the sensitivity level of the rain sensor move the control to the right.

If you have selected a high sensitivity level for the rain sensor the windscreen wipers will react sooner to any moisture on the windscreen.

The wiper intervals in the intermittent wipe setting are also varied automatically according to the road speed (in addition to the sensitivity setting).

• Poor visibility can cause accidents. Always ensure that the wiper blades are in good condition, “Changing wiper blades”.
• The rain sensor is only intended to assist the driver. The driver is still obliged to manually operate the windscreen wipers as required depending on visibility.
• Do not use water-repellent coatings on the windscreen. In bad visibility conditions such as light rain, low sun or when driving at night these coatings can cause increased dazzle, which is a serious safety hazard. Such coatings can also cause the wiper blades to judder.

• In icy conditions, always check that the wiper blades are not frozen to the glass before using the wiper for the first time. If you switch on the wipers when the wiper blades are frozen to the glass, this could damage both the wiper blades and the wiper motor.
• Make sure you switch off the windscreen wiper system (lever in position "0") before you use an automatic car wash. This will avoid inadvertent triggering of the wipers and possible damage to the wiper system.

• Check that the washer fluid reservoir is full before starting a long journey. Filling the reservoir.
• Worn or dirty wiper blades can cause smearing on the glass which can also impair the effectiveness of the rain sensor. Please check the wiper blades regularly.