Changing wiper bladesChanging wiper blades  - Windscreen wipers - Lights and vision - Controls - Audi S5 Owner's Manual - Audi S5

Good wiper blades are essential for clear vision.

Fig. 66 Removing the wiper blades
Fig. 66 Removing the wiper blades

Taking off the wiper blade

– Set the wipers to the service position.
– Lift the wiper arm away from the glass.
– Press the release button 1 on the wiper blade. Hold the wiper blade firmly and press it forwards slightly 2.
– Slide the wiper blade upwards 3.

Fitting the wiper blade

– Fit the new wiper blade into the mounting on the wiper arm 4. You should hear it engage in the wiper arm.
– Fold the wiper arm back down onto the glass.

• To prevent smearing on the glass, the wiper blades should be cleaned regularly using a window cleaner solution. If the wiper blades are very dirty (insects etc.), they should be cleaned using a sponge or cloth – bad visibility can cause accidents.
• For safety, the wiper blades should be changed once or twice a year.

The windscreen wipers must be in the service position when replacing the blades! Otherwise the wiper motor or the paintwork on the bonnet may be damaged.