Automatic anti-dazzle adjustment for exterior mirrorsAutomatic anti-dazzle adjustment for exterior 
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The exterior mirrors darken together with the automatically adjusting interior mirror. When the ignition is on, the mirrors will darken automatically according to the amount of light received (for example from the headlights of a vehicle behind).

When the interior lights are switched on, or when reverse gear is engaged, the mirrors revert to their original (i.e. not darkened) condition.

Electrolyte fluid can leak from a broken mirror. This fluid can cause irritation to the skin, eyes, and respiratory organs. Wash thoroughly with clean water should you come into contact with this fluid. Seek medical assistance if needed.

Electrolyte fluid leaking from a broken mirror can cause damage to the paintwork or plastic surfaces. Use a sponge or similar to remove the fluid as soon as possible.

• If you switch off the anti-dazzle function for the interior mirror, this will also deactivate the anti-dazzle function for the exterior mirrors.
• The automatic anti-dazzle function will only work properly if the sun blind* for the rear window is not in use and there are no other objects preventing light from reaching the interior mirror.