Pre-selecting a speedPre-selecting a speed  - Cruise control system - Driving - Controls - Audi S5 Owner's Manual - Audi S5

When the cruise control system is deactivated you can pre-select a speed to use later.

– Push the lever A up towards + or down towards - ⇒ fig. 135 in order to increase or reduce the cruising speed setting.
– Release the lever to store the cruising speed setting displayed.

This function allows you to enter the desired cruising speed ahead of time, for example, before joining a motorway. Once you have joined the motorway you can then activate the cruise control system as if you were resuming the function ⇒ “Resuming cruise control”.

Pre-selection after starting the engine

After starting the engine there is no cruising speed stored in the system. The current speed is stored when you briefly push lever A up towards + (if the speed is above 30 km/h). If the speed is lower, 30 km/h is stored.