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The brake assist system helps the driver to achieve optimum braking effect.

The brake assist system helps to increase braking power and thus to achieve a shorter stopping distance. If the driver presses the brake pedal very quickly, the brake assist system automatically boosts the braking force to the maximum level, up to the point where the antilock brake function (ABS) intervenes to stop the wheels from locking. You should then keep the brake pedal pressed until the vehicle has braked to the required speed. The brake assist system switches itself off as soon as you release the brake pedal.

The brake assist system will not be operative if there is a malfunction in the ABS.

Please remember that the accident risk always increases if you drive too fast, especially in corners or on a slippery road, or if you follow too close behind the vehicle in front of you. An increased accident risk cannot be compensated even by the brake assist system, so always be sure to maintain a safe speed.