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The electronic differential lock monitors the speed of the driven wheels.

General notes

The electronic differential lock (EDL) helps the car to start moving, accelerate and climb a gradient in slippery conditions where this may otherwise be difficult or even impossible.

How the system works

The EDL acts automatically. With the aid of the ABS sensors, the system monitors the rotational speed of the driven wheels on each axle. Whenever it detects a significant difference in the speed of the driven wheels of one axle (for example, if the road is slippery on one side) the system applies the brake to slow down the spinning wheel so that more of the power is directed to the other wheels. This function is active up to about 100 km/h. The brake system will make noises while it is working.

Driving away from a standstill

Sometimes one wheel has less grip and starts spinning, for example, if one of the driven wheels is on ice. In this case, keep pressing the accelerator gradually until the car starts moving, even though the wheel with less grip will still spin.

Overheating of the brakes

To prevent the disc brake of the braked wheel from overheating, the EDL cuts out automatically if subjected to excessive loads. The car remains operational and will behave in the same way as a car without EDL.

The EDL will switch on again automatically when the brake has cooled down.

• When accelerating on a uniformly slippery surface (for instance all four wheels on ice or snow), press the accelerator gradually and carefully. The driven wheels may otherwise start to spin (in spite of the EDL), which would impair the car's stability and could lead to an accident.
• Even with EDL, you should always adjust your speed to suit the conditions. Do not let the extra safety provided tempt you into taking any risks when driving – this can cause accidents.

If the ABS warning lamp lights up, this can also mean there is a fault in the EDL. Please contact a qualified workshop as soon as possible.